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National Volunteer Week – THANK YOU

Updated: May 8, 2017
GD Netball

This week is National Volunteer Week throughout Australia. It is when we as a society take the opportunity to say thanks to the 6 million volunteers nationally – people who cook BBQs, take training sessions, provide meals to elderly, put out fires, read to children and provide company to the elderly to name but a few

On a more local level Karingal FNC wants to recognise the fantastic amount of work by our volunteers on a daily basis year round.

Put simply – without volunteers our club would not exist. From committee and club management roles to the support given each football and netball team; from the people who raise the funds needed to run the club to those who paint the lines on the ground; from those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring a grand vision to reality to those who empty a bin – we are surrounded by volunteers who roll up their sleeves and get it done, often expecting nothing in return but the sense of belonging

Some enjoy the reflected glory of being part of a successful team while others love a pat on the back and a ‘well done’ from someone; others still shy away from praise happy in the knowledge that they have contributed in some way.

To all of these people Karingal Football Netball Club says THANK YOU

If you’ve ever thought of helping out but never been sure if you could – there’s no better time to ask than now. Talk to someone you know at training, call a committee member, pop into the club at training or match day or message the club via social media. We are always welcoming to anyone who wants to help – as a community club we are our own small community as well as part of the larger community, locally and on greater scale

Karingal is the Community Club of Choice

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