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Michael Burke 300 Senior Games – tributes

Updated: April 21, 2017

Thursday nights are an institution at local and community football netball clubs.

Supporters come down and watch training, have a couple of drinks and discuss last week’s game and how we’re going to win this week, who should be picked in the senior team and who is struggling a little bit.

Meals are cooked and served to players and supporters by selfless volunteers, often the footy or footy show is on TV in the background, some tunes go on the sound system or a card game starts up. From time to time there is a player selected for his or her first senior game, has a 100th or 200th game milestone approaching which draws reflection on their career and well wishes for the coming match. On rare occasions a truly significant milestone is reached by a player – Life Membership qualification is an example.

This Thursday the Bulls recognised an achievement which may never be repeated at our club – Michael Burke’s upcoming 300th senior game this Sunday

Michael’s footy bio reads like that of an all time great – which is fitting as that is exactly what he is. To have greats of the game and Club legends such as Daniel Watts decree that Michael is among the 3 best local footballers that they have ever seen is praise not lightly given. To still be named among the best players and win Best & Fairest awards 19 years after your first senior game give an indication of the longevity and consistency required. To have former and current teamates speak as much about his character and integrity as his ability speaks volumes. To know that over more than 15 years Michael has knocked back substantial offers from clubs near and far without even a thought and remained not only loyal but totally committed to the Bulls is yet another testimony to Michael the man as well as the footballer.

It was great to see Michaels family there last night, former players and mates and supporters young and old. It was also great to see the respect and admiration given by current players & coaches who have only known a short segment of Michael’s career as many an amazing feat from games past was remembered

We at Karingal FNC are thrilled to have a player of Michaels caliber in our team and honoured to have a member of Michael’s character in our club.

Lets make sure Sunday’s game is one of, if not the biggest in Bulls history


“I’ve been honoured to probably see every game Michael has played”



“He kicked it to LVR more than to me, or anyone for that matter”

“No really, he did only ever kick it to LVR”



“I remember that time he tried to handball it to me…..”



When these guys speak, the whole club listens

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