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Updated: September 12, 2016

Best Clubperson – The Duke / Worthington Award

This award is presented to a person who works tirelessly for the club as a whole, not just ‘their’ team. It is recognition for service ‘above and beyond’ the usual. This year’s recipient Michael Black certainly reflects these qualities and is a very deserving winner of this award


Best Junior Clubperson – The Burke / Van Raay Award

This award was struck as few years back to recognise the efforts of kids who go the extra mile to help out around the club. Either in helping other teams with water, in the canteen or cleaning up around the place these junior clubpeople are the future of Karingal Bulls

This years recipients – Cohen ‘Dusty’ Lee (U9-12 ages) and Callum Smyth (U13-18 ages) both put in extra work without being asked and are keen to help wherever they can. Well done boys!



Coach of the Year

This award is fairly self explanatory but is bestowed not on win/loss ratio but a far greater mix of results. The coach of the year is one that brings the best out of the kids they lead, one that teaches them not only the skills required to play football, but also life skills and helps develop them into well rounded young men & women.

The AFL’s junior coaching philosophy says in part that each player should finish each session saying that they cannot wait for the nest session and this year’s recipient Brendan Cornwall certainly provokes that kind of excitement and reaction from his charges



Congratulations to all Club Award winners for 2016, we look forward to seeing you all back for 2017

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