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Bulls Women’s GD Review: Rd 9 2017

Updated: July 11, 2017
Womens Football Results 2017
As a depleted team arrived to a cold, slow home ground we ticked all the boxes we wanted to after the game.
With a few tough games strung together, all we asked of the players was that they had a crack and competed. And that’s what they did.
Bass Coast were a tough opponent and we took it to them. The scoreboard doesn’t reflect how well everyone played, especially being low in numbers. There were some great passages of play and efforts but unfortunately just ran out of legs towards the end.
They are a quality team and definitely the team to beat in the comp and we competed and stretched them at times.
Well done to Nickers and Emma playing their best games of footy for the season.
Thank you to Bass Coast for the loan of players, was a great game played in good spirits.
All down hill from here. See you all Wednesday for a massive session to prepare for Red Hill this week

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