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Bulls Women’s GD Review: Rd 8 2017

Updated: July 5, 2017
Womens Football Results 2017 (2)
Frankston Bombers hosted us on a perfect day for footy. Our biggest game for the year in a building local derby.
Watching the 18’s play before, and lining up for “Its okay, not to be okay” day was a sight to see from a club point of view.
From a footy perspective we ticked all the right boxes. The girls responded in all aspects defensively, offensively and as a team. I promised the girls, if we played our best footy we have the ability to win. We deserved to win that game of footy, the girls wanted it more than them and especially playing with 1 on the bench I couldn’t be prouder of our efforts and how they went about the days game.
With The Bombers getting 3 goals with the wind in the first quarter, we were never far behind. Our second was phenomenal as we grinded our way back into the game in true Bulls style. Brooke got us on the board and the girls started to work as a team. Nicole and Kiera gave us opportunities off half back with their running styles of footy. Rylee continued her great form as she pushed up forward as we were able to sneak a goal right on the half time siren from a massive 50m kick. Think there’s some family rivalry building with the goal kicking… Might have to lift the anti Kiera.
Keeping the bombers goalless in the third quarter as Brooke booted her second. Our tackling and pressure was second to none, as Clare, Ebony, Minta and Teegan threw ferocious tackles. The scene was set for a mighty last quarter. As we got an early goal to hit the lead for the first time, the girls had to dig desperately deep. Everyone tried and competed to their best as a couple of opportunities went missing. To the bombers credit, they took advantage of their goal kicking as we went down by 9 points.
6 scoring shots to 3 in the third quarter, really set us up for a great chance in the last quarter. Every single bull walked off the ground knowing they gave 100%.
Thanks to Clare, Ebony, Loz and Yas who all played with injuries for the team and put their bodies on the line.
Well done to Tamara for making the jump and playing her first game of footy for the bulls.
If we are doing best ons, the day belonged to Mel (Harty). She dominated all aspects of footy from Rucking, tackling, even roving off the deck and taking out the days medal which she truly deserved.
I know I crap on a lot about being a team, but this group has something special and I hope they all stay together because the results will come. They keep on improving, understanding the game and I think everyone is really enjoying playing. One in all in.


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