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Bulls Women’s GD Review: Rd 5 2017

Updated: June 6, 2017
Womens Football Results 2017 (2)
There were high expectations leading into this round. We don’t need to discuss Round 4, but everyone was looking at how we would respond. And we didn’t disappoint.
As a team, we played a great tough brand of footy. The bulls brand that girls have developed themselves and we have merrily extended over the last 8 week block.
We addressed the first quarter and setting the tone for the day. With a 2 goal start with Yas and Claire booting great goals on the run. With a sympathy point (goal) to Mornington we went into the first break with a 6 point lead. Unfortunately we lost Yas with a dislocated thumb, as she was applauded for her efforts and rushed to hospital we struck the score board for her.
Ebony, Kimmy hit the scoreboard for us as Kiera and Nicole played their best games of the year. In the second quarter the ball was in our half for 18 minutes of the quarter. The general Minta in and under of it all as Clair continued her phenomenal season with her second and third efforts. Going into the break with a 25 point lead was extremely refreshing for the girls to get reward for their efforts.
We had 9 scoring shots in the 2nd quarter, which lead into the 3rd. With Brooke out our mids had to dig deep and that’s what they did. Kiera Lee, Minta, Clare, Caitlin all worked the ball forward as Ebony kicked her 3rd for the day.
Kimmy’s work rate was second to none as she kicked her 2nd for the day and spent the last quarter in the ruck. Our backs pushed up as the ball came out and went back into our 50 time and time again.
All of our backs played their roles as Kiera and Nicole continued their running game down the flanks. Mel played a better game up forward than she gives herself credit for as Lorainne held the fought up forward with her amazing ability with pressure acts.
Each weeks its hard to give everyone an award and always nervous about missing someone but Nicky played her best game of the year. Not everyone is born with amazing ability but on game day she always has a crack and gives 100%, tackling, shepherding and has a crack in marking contests.
Was a great team win and footy is really starting to click with this group and they just keep improving and embracing every training drill, session and game day.
With the much needed week off, we look forward to rock climbing tomorrow night, followed by a light skills session Wednesday.
Great challenge and test for us against Tyabb in 2 weeks.

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