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Bulls Women’s GD Review: Rd 4 2017

Updated: May 30, 2017
Womens Football Results 2017

The team met at the club as we car pooled down to Bunyip for our second pilgrimage of the season. This time it wasn’t Boof that got lost but our general Rylee who went site seeing through Koo Wee Rup…

The ground was big and soft, the rain clouds building and the wind setting in as we prepped for battle against the Bulldogs.

We welcomed Emma into the side for the Bulls whom the opposition felt her presence early. Caitlyn and Minta lead from the front all day as Lorraine booted our first for the day. The ball was on the deck a lot as our midfielders worked hard. Nicole and Kiera were amongst the thick of it moving the ball down the wings as we went in with a small lead at quarter time.

Our backs were amongst the game in the second as the bulldogs tried to enter the forward 50 on numerous occasions. Loz and Sarah played great games, keeping their opponents scoreless for the day. Kimmy and Millie tried their best all day in the ruck keeping the game alive. Brooke and Claire were in and under the mud, not giving in all day.

As we came back from the main break with a 2 goal lead, we played a great quarter of hard fought footy with Ebony, Kirra and Yas all playing their roles for the team. Nicole and Sarah kept the pressure on by locking the ball in our forward 50 but we were unable to score in the 3rd quarter as the Bulldogs crept closer on the scoreboard.

Courtney kept presenting and leading well going into the last quarter.

At the 3/4 time break we spoke about being disciplined and how much we would have to work if we wanted to win. Who wanted it badly enough to put their bodies on the line in a tough game of footy.

Bulldogs got another goal 7 minutes to go, to get them within 4 points. After some undisciplined actions and plays, the bulldogs were awarded a 50m penalty to take them to the goal line. This one action doesn’t change the result for us. Bunyip had the momentum and were willing to never give up and they deserved the win.

I’m not angry but just disappointed in our actions, especially after the game walking off. This isn’t what being a Bull is about and I hope we learnt something from the game. We’re better than that.

Congratulations to Tegan and Mel who played their best games of footy for the year. They didn’t give up all day, tackled well and did all the 1 percenters that we look for.

Big week on the track as we look forward to our game against the premiers Mornington.

Rock Climbing next Monday for the team, then we can enjoy a well deserved week off.

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