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Bulls Women’s GD Review: Rd 2 2017

Updated: May 23, 2017
Womens Football Results 2017 (1)
After making the trek east last week, we felt Morwell’s pain as we watched them filter into the car park by the singles. As we stood on the hill, laughing, discussing the opposition and catching up on the previous nights events, we gazed onto the oval with a perfect day for footy.
“Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to fetch your ball from behind the goals again”
The team welcomed Mel Hart for her first game of footy for the Bulls, who felt right at home straight away.
After the opening onslaught was finished we walked into the quarter time break with a healthy 40 point lead to set up a great 3 quarters of footy to follow. I could write about the 4 girls who kicked bags and its extremely easy to point out the individual efforts for the day but this was truly a great team effort where everyone walked off the field contributing in some way.
I think Morwell threw the white flag out half way through the 2nd but we worked towards a 207 point win.
Our ball movement has improved so rapidly and we got reward for our hard work on the track.
All the girls make it so easy to coach and Saturday was definitely great for the team.
Its rewarding to see them all enjoying their footy and hopefully getting something more than the 2 hours game time out of it.
Saturday is now behind us, we celebrated and enjoyed the win.
Our game Sunday is against Bunyip in which I think is our second biggest game of the year.
Thank you to all the volunteers and club for pitching on Saturday and making it a great day

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