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Bulls Women’s GD Review: Rd 2 2017

Updated: May 16, 2017
Womens Football Results 2017

Game Day.
Alarm 6.00am Sunday. The coach ventures to Mount Martha to deliver flowers to the Mothergoose. In the mean time replies to 65 face book comments/messages about the 18 committed girls who are eagerly waiting for their second game of footy. Special mention to Lorraine who changed her flight from Bali and flew in 3 hours before the coaches alarm.

8.00am. The team met the club volunteer for strapping at the rooms and organised car pooling while 500 empty coffee cups filled the dumpster.

9.00am. The team ventures right down the freeway while Boof heads left towards the city…

11.00am. We arrive at the MCG sized like ground and realise the rooms have no toilets and no body will be moving to Traralgon anytime soon…

11.59am. Boof arrives.

Game Time. The girls set the tone of the day from the very first bounce and fought out a hard quarter of footy to head into the first break with a narrow lead of 2 behinds. We moved the ball and tackled as a team. Yas booted our first goal and we never looked back. Our first gamer Nicole hit the scoreboard for her first goal for the bulls. Rylee and Clair dominated down back, running off their players and giving us plenty of opportunities up forward. Half time we walked off with our heads high and a comfortable 15 point lead. Nicky competed and ran all quarter, but unfortunately came off second best after a tough contest.

After some Irish protein shakes at half time, the girls produced their best quarter of footy for the year. Brooke was dominated up forward booting a 3 goal quarter, as our star runner Kiera booted her first for the club. The ball flowed and our opportunities kept presenting as Courts took her 10th mark for the day at CHF. Yas and Nicole kept running the ball forward as Courtney kicked the last for the quarter. Three quarter time there was plenty of excitement around the group. Lorraine and Shakey kept working up forward as Rylee got her 30th touch for the game. Millie tried her heart out in the ruck and Kim and Sarah presented well up forward.¬†Ebony booted another goal and Minta killed it through the middle…

Was a quiet day down back for our trusted backman in KL and Teegs but we managed to secure our first win as #Bulls2017. Was a great win, our skills were great, our confidence was high and everybody got reward for making the effort for our hardest game of the year.

Reality in football is not everyone can kick goals or get 30 touches but every single Bull played their role, enjoyed the day and screamed the song at the end as a team.

2.30pm. Arrived at first pub.

2.31pm. Booted out of first pub.

2.37pm. Celebrating our first win with a pot of beer with the team in Traralgon… in the second pub…

5.30pm. Arrived home to another 65 messages from the great victory. Wouldn’t have it any other way :)

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