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Bulls Womens GD Review: Rd 12 2017

Updated: August 10, 2017
Womens Football Results 2017
Playing on our home deck for one of the last times, in dry and windy conditions.
Seaford took the challenge to us early as we struggled to hit the scoreboard in the first, heading to the main break with a 14 point lead.
On a big ground, we dug deep and lifted our work rate in the third. Our ball movement and tackling improved and it resulted on the scoreboard. Yas, Kimmy and Brooke set us up with goals as “the clamp” (Nicole) scored her first for the day.
Was a quiet half down back for our defenders but our forwards and mids worked to keep the ball in our half resulting in 18 scoring shots to 3.
Well done to Millie, Tamara, Minta and the clamp who all contributed and played their best games for the year.
As we close to the end of our first year of footy, we have 2 games left and look to continue our great form of late.
Thanks to all the helpers and the girls that turn up each week.

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