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Bulls Women’s GD Review: Rd 1 2017

Updated: May 8, 2017
Womens Football Results 2017
As we ventured down to the Bullput for our first game as a new team and club, the girls were full of nerves and excitement. With a lot of unknowns heading into the game the girls were coming off 4 fantastic sessions and used the momentum into the game. All that we asked was that they competed and the great bunch exceeded expectations.
Kicking into the wind for our first quarter was always going to be a tough challenge but our back 6 held there own and we went into the break only a goal down. Our second and third quarters we really competed and held our own. The last 10 minutes the flood gates opened, our skills improved and we were holding our marks which opened up the game.
With a great kick from Ebony we kicked our first goal. From that moment, we as a playing group had a lot more confidence and our last 10 minutes was our best.
Our tackling and pressure was extremely impressive but Ebony, Claire, Nicki and Rylee led from the front and created opportunities. Our midfield didn’t stop running all day, and with the likes of Kiera and Nicole carrying the footy, there’s a lot of positives.
For our first game, couldn’t be prouder of the girls for having a crack at footy and being a part of the club. There were so many positives from the game but reality is we need to keep working harder on the track if we want to hit the score board.
Well done girls.

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