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Bulls GD Review: Round 6 2017

Updated: May 23, 2017
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With the players fresh from the bye we were back at Dolphs park and up against a Pines team full of big game players who know the surrounds of Frankston very well, our first quarter let us down on the scoreboard assisted by some inaccurate kicking form the opposition could have seen the deficient a lot worse.

The boys continued to press hard with Big Izzy leading the way in the ruck along with Jake Kelly providing some much needed spark when he had the footy in his hands help set up a number of second quarter goals, three late quart goals to Pines really hurt as we had fought our way back into the game.

The 3rd quarter had us mixing it with the boys from Pines but some missed opportunity’s around goals limited our ability to apply much needed scoreboard pressure, the last was always going to be a tough challenge but to our young groups credit we lifted and worked as hard as we had all season and played with some real purpose and belief.

Our more consistent 4 quarter players were Izzy who was a beast all day, LVR who completely dominated his position and Jordy Jones who is finding his feet at the senior level.

Big congratulations to Tommy Corrigan who played his first senior game for the Bulls after being promoted from our under 19s, Toms game was very solid did everything the coach asked and we are sure that this will be the first of many.



The reserves took on Pines on Saturday, still looking for our first win. we started off well and we had a feeling we’d have a good day. we forced turnovers from half back and tried to make them pay on the rebound, however we didn’t hit the scoreboard enough.

The 1st half was played mainly on Pines terms, they played a press which we struggled to get through at times. we ended up about 10 goals down at half time. During half time we spoke about being positive and doing the team things. we turned it around in the 3rd qtr with Luke Duhig and Kracka leading the way in the midfield. Jack B was also having his best game of the year as we started to get on top.

We ran and spread and moved the ball quicker into our forward line, our pressure around the contest also went up as we outscored them for the qtr. We still hung on ok in the last qtr, we ran out of legs a little but as a positive we didn’t let them overrun us, in the end we lost by about 11 goals.

Again this week we started slow but had a really good last half. we need to turn that around and get off to a good start.

Best players for the day were Luke Duhig, Jack B, Kracka and Az. Lets stay positive and keep working together as a group towards our 1st win.

Go Bulls, Oz.


Under 19:

Back at frankston and plenty of dew on the dew made for difficult conditions early and we didn’t adapt quick enough. We played fancy footy in the first 20 minutes to lead by a goal.

The second we played a lot smarter and kicked into gear using the ball well with direct play which resulted in 5 quick goals. We steadied after the main break without playing out of our skin, pines to their credit have improved significantly and made us work for the win.

Bartling continued his great form along with Hinde, Saunders and McIness. Zane controlled the back half as expected while the mids worked tirelessly.

Was great to have Jaxon Marriott play his first game for the club and played a ripper to give us another string to our bow thru the midfield.

Congratulations to Tommy Corrigan who made his debut in the seniors

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