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Bulls GD Review: Rd 18 2017

Updated: August 23, 2017
Football Results 2017 (2)


Away to Pines for the last game had us field our youngest side for the 2017 season.

Our pre game was ok with the Coach addressing his young playing group for the last time with the emphasis on playing your role a  enjoying the moment.

We started well kicking the two of the first 3 goals and holding our own around the ground.  Heading 6 points down at the start of the 2nd quarter we new the challenge was ahead of us as Pins were playing a strong no nonsense brand of footy which had them 4 goals up at half time

The 3rd was a complete shut down on the scoreboard for the bulls but as they have shown all year this young side doesn’t give up and are very resilient and continued to work hard without impacting the scoreboard

Our final quarter of the year was upon us and the boys didn’t want the game to become a one sided affair, to their credit the game was played out until the siren sounded to close the 2017 campaign.

Better performers were

Big Izzy, Amac, Duscher, Dizzy & Mason Russell.



The reserves traveled to Pines for our last game, In wet conditions we wanted to start well, which we did.

Plaka and Darcey both got us off to a good start with Plaka slotting the only goal of the qtr from the boundary, we had most of the play for the qtr but a few missed opportunities only allowed us a small lead at qtr time, AJ was thrown into the ruck in the 2nd and was in everything for the qtr, Pines had most of the play, but James and Cooky were defending well and we managed to hold onto our lead.

The 3rd qtr we had a couple of opportunities to put a bit of space between us, Dalts and Matty B kicked a couple of good goals but we also let them kick a couple against the tide. Luke Mitcham kicked the first goal of the last after taking a great mark and we had a big sniff. However Pines got a bit of a run on and kicked a couple of quick goals to snatch the lead. We got caught kick chasing a bit and we were caught out of position too often.

We fought it out well but couldn’t get the lead back and ended up going down by 16 points. It was a good effort against one of the finals teams but a game we could have won.

Best players for the day were AJ, Hads, James Paxton, Cooky, Plaka and Darcy.

After a tough year, it was good to see we stuck it out to the very end, a big thanks to Ralph and Al for the year, The 2’s group is still a young group, Let’s try and stick together for next year, train as much as you can over the pre season and there will be better results next year.

Go Bulls. Oz


Under 19:

A big win to finish off the season against pines. 10 wins and 8 losses and a huge percentage was not enough to gain a finals start after Mornington shut the gate on us on Sat.

In review we cost ourselves with 5-6 losses under a couple of goals which in reality won’t get it done. A super talented squad yet couldn’t get our best 22 on the field at any one time all year, we gained some valuable experience for a very young side which will hold them in good stead for next season and beyond.

Big thankyou to Pricey, Spider and Trev for all their valuable input and time throughout the season.

Good luck to the netball teams in the finals series

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