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Bulls GD Review: Rd 10 2017

Updated: June 26, 2017
Football Results 2017


Up against Seaford @ Frankston Park for the 2nd time in 5 weeks sore some further youth injected into the side with young Darcy Hope & Jack Williams in for their first game of the year.

We focused on getting away to a strong start and being disciplined in our actions as we knew that our best is going to match it with every team and this is exactly what we displayed, we set up a little different this week and were able to execute the coaches instructions with us being right in the contest at ¼ time. AMAC and Skipper Cal were in everything our pressure across all lines was relentless which resulted in our best first half for the season.

Our challenge was to sustain the efforts of the first half as Seaford are a quality outfit and we knew they would come hard at us in which they did bit un like other weeks we didn’t panic or loose structure and stayed in touch @ 3 quarter time. The last with a slight wind had us crack in and kick the first 2 and hold the lead until the 18 minute mark of the last but Seaford had one last effort in them and they managed to take the 4 points we strived so hard for.

The group showed great resilience and gained some valuable confidence knowing that our best for longer will win us games of football moving forward against anyone.

Great games from Izzy, Amac, Occhi and Cal with at least another 15 or so playing their roles all game.

Fantastic support from the past players last Sat during and after the game.

Some very winnable games these coming weeks.



The Reserves took on Seaford today, in what would be a tough contest. Again undermanned but with a good attitude we were confident of a good contest.

We started well with Matt Burnett getting plenty of the ball across half back, our work around the contest was also very good early, Seaford had plenty of the ball but we held them to 2 goals in the 1st qtr which was a good effort.

The 2nd qtr we were again good in the contest, Our tackling pressure was good which in turn created opportunities for us going forward, However, we dropped our concentration for short periods which let in a couple of easy goals.

Going into the last half we felt we were still in the contest, Bobcat was great around the stoppages, as was Az and Hads, We managed to control a lot of the play in the back half, but we fell down at half forward which allowed them to setup and carry the ball through the middle, The backline stood up though with Cooky and Taz playing their best games of the year down there.

In the end we ended up going down by about 10 goals, Not a bad effort as we had no rotations and again and ran the game out to the end. Best Players for the day were Az, Matt B, Cooky, Bobcat and Taz.

We have a big opportunity this week to get our first win, lets all get to training and set ourselves for a big week. Go Bulls, Oz.


Under 19:

Today we had a big challenge against Seaford playing to break a game clear in the 5.

Our tenacity in the contest was ferocious from the start to finish. A dominant 4 quarter performance where we moved the footy from defence hitting targets at will and running hard to position. Zane, Saunders and Hinde were dominant down back while baker, lord, Russell and beau took care of the middle of the ground.

The scoreboard didn’t reflect the dominance of the game but a 40 odd point win when we had 29 scoring shots to 8.

A real positive step forward in our season


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