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Bullettes GD Review: Rd 9 2017

Updated: June 22, 2017
Netball Results 2017 (1)

A Grade:

No report


B Grade:

B grade came out firing again today. After a slow start in the first quarter we were able to turn around our performance to go into the last three quarters with fresh goals and a few new combinations which proved to be a masterstroke.

Congratulations to Mel C who played the last half in Centre in a completely new position for this season. This change brought a new level of intensity and the ability to mix up our centre court options which led to Bridgit BM and Brooke C playing a dynamite last half in WA.

Our defensive pressure after the first half with the introduction of Michelle W into the defensive ring took on a whole new level of intensity which proved to be impossible to beat. The whole team combined and played the most comfortable cohesive game for the whole season and finishing the game with a win by over 50 goals


C Grade:

Great game coming home with the win 66 to 30.

Again all girls played as a team leading for the whole 4 qtrs. Our defenders Sara and Elise again were fantastic with Izzy starting in WD 1st half and GS in 2nd half and is really earning her place in the team receiving a best on court today.

Kiah is a force to be reckoned with with her flexibility and speed thru the mid court also a best on court. Tayla and Mel had half game each today but still starred when on. Steph was fabulous in GS first half and WA second half playing in this position like a star!

Another best on was Dani who played an amazing game, rarely missing a goal and passing and positioning herself everywhere!

Well done girl keep up the great work!


D Grade:

The girls got off to a slow start and were tied at 3 goals at quarter time.

Made a few changes in the 2nd qtr which gave us the edge and from then we led for the rest of the game!

Having 12 girls in the D squad can sometimes prove a challenge with playing combinations so today we changed it up each qtr and gave everyone a run. Chantelle and Gabbi got best on court rewards today and it was great to be able to give it to Gabbi as it was her Birthday!

From here on in we need to really concentrate on winning and with good gaps to build up our percentage as currently we are out of the top 4 but only by percentage, there are 4 teams on the same points. So at this stage percentage is very important.

Let’s keep up the good work and I am very confident we can get back into the top 4 soon!

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