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Bullettes GD Review: Rd 8 2017

Updated: June 6, 2017
Netball Results 2017 (1)

A Grade:

A grade were determined to get one back on our arch rival of the the past two years. No questions asked we were ready and we were hungry to get the job done. We have so much belief in this group and we know that if we play the netball we all know we can then no one will beat us on our day.

We started Jayde and Birgs in our attacking circle in the first quarter and we started like they had played together before. We jumped Edi Asp early with some excellent feeding from Courtney and Jamie which was simply too good. Our defensive trio were in great touch with Mards and Renee bringing down 6 defensive rebounds in the first quarter. Michelle was just doing what she does best antogonising and shutting down any potential drives from the WA. Being mindful of our players workload due to VNL we made some changes to inject Bridgette and Emily into the game and swing Jayde back to her home in the defensive ring.

By half time we were clearly on top and in control of the game which meant the defenders for Edi Asp started getting very pushy and physical. As we knew they were very frustrated with the dominance of our girls we reassessed and took a deep breath and played the game back on our terms. We were very happy with the end result coming away with a 13 goal win 36- 23.

Best on for today was Jayde who continues to be a great leader for our group. Undefeated and tracking very nicely this group.

Thanks again to the girls who were named and/ or played double games for the day. We look forward to our next challenge in Bonbeach


B Grade:

The weather was almost perfect as we traveled down to play Edi Asp on their home court. We started our B grade game on fire executing from almost every turnover. Our main focus was to limit our skill errors especially when the heat was in the game and the girls relished on the challenge.
We came in with a plan not to feed high balls into our mid sized goalers and our feeders followed this game plan. We came up with a perfect plan in our attacking circle to protect each other and Nadine and Emily worked sensationally together to achieve this. Brooke and Bridgette were sensational through the midcourt. Peyton was superb bringing in multiple intercepts when the heat was in the game. Breanna. Michelle and Mel were superb in defence knocking the confidence out of the Edi Asp goalers.
We decided to inject some fresh legs in Ash, Sarah and Taylah into the game in the third and it was exactly what we needed as they continued to dominate Edi Asp in every position. Best on for today was Emily who just continues to destroy her opposition week in week out.
We came away with a great 15 goal win. 40-25.

C Grade:

Today proved to the C Grade competition that we are the team to beat!

Our girls were sensational and dominated the game from the beginning. We played our own game with our skills, determination, and drive to WIN which rattled them & got into their heads and made them play right into our hands!
Winning this round against Edi-Asp has boosted our confidence to an all new high and we now have our eye on the big prize! The whole team were best on court as every single one of them put their heart and soul into it and pulled together as a team. Winning by 11 goals puts us 2nd on the ladder only by percentage.
Go Bullettes you little beauty’s! 
D Grade:
Unfortunately today wasn’t our day!
Edi-Asp was on top from the start. Credit to all our girls they never gave up for a minute. Their goalies didn’t miss a goal & our defenders Bec and Kelly were fantastic! They made them work for their goals and did a fantastic job defending them. Our goalies Nicole and Briohny did an exceptional job considering their defenders where very rough and pushy and they managed to keep it together and give them a run for their money!
We swapped the centre court around today with Jess, Laura and Gerry running through our mid court in the first half and then bringing on Alison and Gabbi who busted their butts for the 3rd qtr. We went down by 15! We will prepare and learn from this game and I know we can pull it together and get them next time!
Keep up the good work girls

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