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Bullettes GD Review: Rd 6 2017

Updated: May 22, 2017
Netball Results 2017

A Grade:

The girls were a bit depleted today with numbers so this provided a few B graders the opportunity to come up and help out for the day. We started off a little rattled and uncertain but this was more due to the fact that a lot of the combinations on court had not played together before. We came in at the first break up by two goals.

We managed to reduce our basic skill errors in the second quarter which helped us to extend our lead to 28-19 at half time. Renee and Georgia were excellent and took control of the defensive end. They picked off a lot of the high balls coming into the defensive goal circle.

Courtney was instrumental in the mid court. I asked her to take the lead and a bit more responsibility and she did a fanatic job leading the other girls. Best on today was Birgitta who is unstoppable in the goal ring. Her ariel work is really impressive and she barely gets beaten in a rebound.

The girls grew more confidence as the game went on and our main focus was to get the job done.

Thanks to Mel, Peyton and Nadine who played two games for the day and did a great job. Well done girls.


B Grade:

Today we played against Pines at home. Today we were missing Rach with an ankle injury, hopefully we get her back soon. We had Brooke who just played a full game of footy who was very tired. We also had Taylah and Michelle ill who missed the game.

We jumped out of the blocks leading 17-5 at quarter time. The girls showed dominance across the whole court the whole game. Breanna lead in the defensive ring with so many intercepts and her experience really shows on court with her fantastic leadership.

Bridgette ran out the centre the entire game and took full control of the game. She is very composed and always makes great decisions. Her running patterns on court are very smart.

Best on was Emily who continually leads from the front. She hardly misses a goal and is super smart with the way she sets up. Today we set some challenges each quarter which they accomplished and improved each quarter.

I asked for a percentage boosting effort which is exactly what the team gave. We came away with a 76-24 win.

Well done girls


C Grade:

Great game this week!

We started of slow but soon got our groove on! Our goalies where really on today both Dani and Steph working well together in the ring with poor Dani having to go off sick in the 2nd qtr but the trooper that she is she returned to the court. Issy also stepping into the goal ring was a great asset using her height to our advantage.

Taylor and Kiah both played a fast paced game setting the pace for everyone and both feeding the goalies with super passes into the ring.

Our defence in Mel, Elise and Sarah just killed it starting to work in a defence press. Well done team with a good percentage boost winning by 29 points.


D Grade:

We started off and tried something new by mixing up the team, however this did not go to plan and gave us a slow start. Wanting to boost our percentage in this game we changed the combination which proved to be the right choice taking out the win by 26 points.

Our defence in Bec, Kelly and Gerry where outstanding intercepting and rebounding left right and centre!

Well done Laura and Jess thru the centre bringing down the ball and feeding the goalies with some great passes! Great team work by Nicole and Briony in the ring rattling there defenders with their moves!

A very special thanks goes to the girls on the side line who either sat of for the whole game or had 1 qtr so we could keep the momentum going with no interruptions to the play which allowed us to boost up our percentage!

Thanks to Gabbi, Alyce, Sarah, Alison and Chantel.

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