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Bullettes GD Review: Rd 4 2017

Updated: May 2, 2017
Netball Results 2016

A Grade:

A Grade stared off a little scrappy compared to last week. Today we welcomed Jamie in the centre court who did an outstanding job. Her determination and physicality are massive strengths and are an asset to our already exceptional lineup. Some calls didn’t go our way in the first half and we were only a goal up at half time.
We took the whole playing group outside for a deep breath and to reassess our game plan. This proved to be the perfect plan as we jumped them in the third quarter and finally hit our straps which we were finally were able to do. The last quarter was more about keeping the intensity up and continuing on to play out the whole four quarters.
I thought best on today was Birgitta who is instrumental in our attacking circle. We are so lucky to have the goaling combinations of Birgitta, Mandy and Jess. Once we settled in the second half Jamie and Courtney tore apart the midcourt and the feeding was sensational. A standout in defence was Renee assisted nicely with Jayde’s experience. I would like to say thank you to Michelle and Bridgette who played out their second game for the day.
We knew we could get the job done and came away with a win by 18 goals. We are now 4 wins for the season. A ripper start. Well done all.

B Grade:

Today we played Seaford at their home ground. Our main focus today was to make sure we started on fire which we did. We also had a few other goals to limit our skill errors all over the court. We decided to play man on man in defence which made us more accountable for our direct player and this paid big dividends as we were able to get many intercepts and convert them to goals.
You could throw a blanket over our best players today but our best on was Emily in our attacking goal circle today who barely misses a goal. Her setup and movements are a great assest to the team. Bridget and Brooke combined extremely well and were spot on with their feeds today. Breanna was unstoppable in the goals and worked well with Emily.
Our defensive ring was exceptional all day with different combinations including Michelle, Rachel, Peyton and Taylah. Unfortunately Rachel went down with a rolled ankle in the last quarter. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
Well done all and a fantastic percentage boosting win 79-30

C Grade:

Fast game today which ended up being our advantage as Seaford tired in the last Qtr. everyone stepped up and played a great game we need to work more on our passing but overall a good job!
Dani in our goals really stood out today with a great game and Sara and Mel in defence really work so well together applying pressure where also standouts.
Keep up the good work girls!

D Grade:

Today’s game really showed how we are coming together as a team. Working well now bring down the ball and our passing improving each week.
Geraldine was just a star in our defence getting a well deserved player award. Jess also had a great game today proving to be a key player down the court and her passing into the goalies was her strength also received an award.
There was not one player who didn’t play well and all played their role on the court today giving us a very handy win! Well done Bullettes!!

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