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Bullettes GD Review: Rd 18 2017

Updated: August 22, 2017

A Grade:

As I mentioned in the B grade it was a very slippery day at the Pines outdoor court and not ideal to showcase high standard netball. The girls played extremely well considering the court conditions.

Our main focus today was to get the job done and get through uninjured so we can plan for finals with finally a near full strength side which we have not been able to do the last couple of years due to injuries.

I have no doubt this group is super motivated and ready for the finals. After falling short the last two years the girls have used this drive as motivation and a simply ready for the challenge which lies ahead.

Congrats to the entire squad of A and B for the efforts throughout the year and also winning the minor premiership finishing on top with a healthy percentage.

Bring on the finals…. we are ready.


B Grade:

Today we played at Pines on a very wet and slippery court…. not ideal for high class standard netball. In saying this our girls put on an absolute clinic destroying the opposition in every position on the court. Right from the first whistle to the last our girls did not stop fighting.

This group is ready for finals and are hungrier than ever. We cannot wait to meet YCW next week and hopefully play the same way we have been all year. We came away with a great win today 73- 18.

I am super proud of all the girls efforts for the home and away season finishing top of the ladder with a huge percentage.

Now the hard work begins. Let’s get pumped for the challenge!


C Grade:

We also had to contend with the wet and slippery conditions but had a nice win 57 to 25. Last qtr we had a bit of fun before finals and everyone swapped their positions around. I hope they got that out of their systems "</p

We also ended up on top of the ladder for the season. This team are hungry for the Grand Final and that is what we have our sights set on. First the focus is on our first semi final – and in my opinion will be our hardest game – but very confident we can bring home the win to go straight into the Granny!

We’ve got this girls and we are all very excited for the next few weeks to begin


D Grade:

What a nice end to the season with a comfortable win and a fun game! I would like to thank Bec and Sarah for coaching today as I was absent.

We ended up 6th by percentage. Fantastic effort by all girls in this team as we had a few ups and downs with people away and injuries etc this was also a new team with some never playing together before and some learning new positions.

Well done girls and we all hope to see you next year!

Love you all

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