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Bullettes GD Review: Rd 14 2017

Updated: July 25, 2017
Netball Results 2017 (2)

A Grade:

Today we played very undermanned as we had several key Players missing. We went into this game with absolutely nothing to lose.

We had 4 players on court playing there second game for the day and what a fantastic effort they all did. We made some basic skill errors early on which you cannot afford to do against the reigning premiers and they made us pay by converting our errors. Once we settled in on the game we played some excellent passages of netball.

Sam Gooden was unstoppable in our goal circle assisted by Birgs. Mel cotta ran a hard two games through the centre court. What an amazing athlete she is.

Ash proved that she can play through WA as well and Jamie gave us a burst of energy as she came on for a short period. Mardi took full control of the defensive end and lead right from the front assisted greatly by Breanna and Michelle.

Going into the last quarter 6 goals down we made some changes and decided we had nothing to lose so let’s take the game on and see what happens…. well we had a great finish. It was a nail biter and we went down by only one goal.

This makes it our only loss for the season and a very healthy one. This will give this group even more motivation come finals time to dominate the final series.

We only had winners on our court today. Fantastic job by everyone. Well done girls.


B Grade:

Today we met Edi Asp on our indoor court. I challenged the girls to treat it like a mini final and if we were to get the win it would secure our top two finish.

We started out very nervous and it showed early on as we made several basic skill errors which we normally wouldn’t make. We missed some easy goals which also normally wouldn’t happen. To the girls credit we managed to dig deep and find a way through the nerves.

Breanna,Michelle and Peyton were outstanding in defence. Bridget was the perfect link up through the mid court with Mel. Emily and Nadine eventually tore there defenders to shreds. Brooke went down with an ankle injury and we wish her all the best with her speedy recovery.

The girls fought it out for 4 quarters and finally took control late in the game. What a great game of netball and well deserved by a hard working bunch of girls.

Congrats on a top two finish and double chance for finals! we won by 10 goals in the end.



C Grade:

C Grade came in with all guns blazing to knock off Edi Asp for a second time this season, and that they did winning by 6 goals!

Our 1st qtr was one of the best we have played this season. We put the pressure on early with a full court press which gave us a great start to the game. 2nd qtr they caught up to us, as we lost a bit of our mojo.

Then came 3rd qtr where we stepped up to the plate again, with our defenders Sara and Mel dominating and applying the pressure on their goalies. Our centre court Kiah, Julia and Steph just ran and ran and brought the ball down the court.

Steph’s passing into our goalers was nothing short of amazing and Dani and Izzy played against some tough defenders but they attacked, rebounded and shot goals for the whole game to take us home with a great win.



D Grade:

D Grade met with Edi Asp this weekend and were prepared for a really hard game.

We went in with only 7 players and no fresh legs and faced the top team of the comp! To our credit, every single Bulls player performed from start to finish and never gave up.

All girls put in 100% and were all best on court. Unfortunately Edi doubled our score for the win.

This game just makes us more determined to get ourselves back into the top 4 and to play them again in the GF.

Well done and great effort girls.

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